Week 19 WCP results

I'm still getting some emails returned as non delivered. Nancy, Christina and Todd, Rick, Nate, and Joe might not have seen this via email.

Here's the quick results for the WCP Week.

I'll be sending out a manifesto recap for weeks 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19.

Total points scored: 331

1st 33 Rick

2nd 32 Terence V

3rd 31 Doodles

4th 29 Kevin T - 274

5th 29 Jose - 210

Week 17 suspended

We will suspend the week until the NFL decides what they will do.

The games are locked so picks cannot be changed.

I just noticed the schedule for the Week 18 games and I will enter them right now.

Prayers for Damar Hamlin.

Larry E.

Week 14 recap

Alrighty then,

It's feeling like deja vu. This is the third week in a row that our winner has had it wrapped up after the Sunday games, and Monday night was a contest for second place.

Taking 1st place this week with a good score of 48 points was my big brother Leo, aka SwampWater Fox. His first, 1st place since Week 13 of the 2015 season. And this makes two out of the last three weeks that he's landed in the ca$hi$h. Way to go Bro! In 2nd place with 45 is Pam, no stranger to the limelight lately, she's landed in the honey three out of the last five weeks. 3rd place went to fast climbing Steve F just a point behind with 44. And 4th place was a three way tie between his wife AdriaNNa, Sister Joy and Dr Kevin T. Honorable mention went to Cris and Eddie, two of last weeks finalists. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

And in the overall points total, we have a tie for the top spot. Kevin T jumps up three places into a tie for 1st with Rick who's been in the lead for three weeks. Fast climbers Pam and Steve F join the top group in 3rd and 4th. And Jim K drops three spots into 5th. Just off the pace is Jake FSF dropping one slot from last week.

OK, a third of the season is on the books, but there's still lots of ball to be played and dough to be had. Just a reminder, we play 21 weeks right through the playoffs. So there's still plenty of time for some of you to make your move if you haven't yet. I think I'll start this week maybe.lol

The pick sheet will be out Wednesday morning.

Larry E.