Week 3 recap................

Alrighty then,

Sorry this is way late, but here we go.........................

First, thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in Florida that has been devastated by the hurricane. We were there in 2020 and went to Sanibel Island, Fort Meyers Beach and Naples. So sad to see that happen to such a beautiful area, especially Sanibel.

We nearly had our first perfect score of the season by Steve F. But it wasn't to be as the upstart Cowboys behind Cooper Rush bested the upstart Giints and Daniel Jones. Dak who? For us it was the fast starting Jake FSF besting the upstart Steve F. They both went 9 for 9 with their picks, but it was our 2015 Champ taking 1st place with 53, the highest score of the year so far. He had a very prosperous season last year and looks like he's serious about taking home the trophy this year. And that makes three weeks in a row he's landed in the Ca$hi$h too. Steve F was so close with 49 and with his upstart, gets his $econd mention of the $eason. 3rd place went to AdriaNa with 47 also getting here $econd mention. 4th place went to Terrence V with 45 points, and we had a tie for beer money in 5th between John and Rick with 42. Honorable mention goes to Jim K just a point behind. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!

In the overall points race, the top three spots remain the same, with Jake FSF, Kevin T and Rick running 1-2-3. AdriaNa is joined in the tie for 4th by Steve F. Just off the pace and dropping one place is Jeremy.

OK, some house cleaning. This week is the last week that we add players. I'm 100% confident there won't be any last minute additions. I've been propping up three new people that said they were in, but they haven't been responding or making picks. I'm 100% sure they will be dropped after this week. There's a fourth who's been in for a couple of years, but probably will be dropped also. That will leave us with the perfect number of 60! Based on that number, the weekly payout will be 125, 75, 50, 30 and 20.

All checks will be deposited tomorrow, and the first four weeks of winners will be paid out right away.

Second place luck to you all this week,

Larry E.

Week 3 results and Email

Hey everybody,

The Commish got slammed this week. Results and email will be out later today.

Just a heads up, the Minnesota @ New Orleans game is in London. It locks at 6:30am Sunday morning.

So a reminder to get your pick in on time if you are playing that game.

Larry E.

Week 2 results

Alrighty then Ladies and Germs,

Week two of the 2022 season is on the books and it's DeJa Vu sort of.

The same two guys who were 1st and 2nd in the final week of the 2021 season have done it again. Taking 1st place this week with a very good score of 48, and picking up right where he left off last year is the pride of The Woodlands, Jose C. And right there with him again, taking 2nd place just a point behind with 47 is the pride of Orange, Dr Kevin T. In the words of the late Huell Howser, "Why That's Amazin".

In 3rd place just a couple of points behind is Jake FSF with 45, his second week in a row in third. And that makes two weeks in a row he's landed in the ca$hi$h. 4th place went to Rick just a couple behind with 43 and 5th went to Jeremy with 41. Honorable mention goes to Cris and Sam K. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall points total it's DeJa Vu again as Jake FSF takes the early lead, just like last year. In 2nd and 3rd is the fore mention Dr. Kevin T and Rick. And 4th is a tie between Adriana with one N and Jeremy. Just off the pace is last year's Champ Jared M and Steve F.

I'm not really pushing, but if you have someone who wants to get in TWFP, they can join up until week 4. After that the field will be closed.

And hats off to everyone for getting your picks done on time too.

The pick sheet will be out Wednesday morning.

Larry E