Week 6 recap

And our Week 6 winner is none other than Mike....................................with a "D" that is!

In his rookie season and first time landing in TWFP ca$i$h, he does it with a splash taking 1st place with 43 points and maybe starting what might be a dynasty. It could happen. : ) Just a point behind in 2nd place with 42 was Craig J, his second time in the dough this year already. 3rd place was a three way tie between David K, Kevin Q and my other brother Larry A, all with 39. Honorable mention went to Terrence V. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall race for the champions trophy, the top five remains the same with Jake FSF and Rick still at 1 & 2, Jim K moves up one spot into a tie with Kevin T for 3rd. And AdriaNa stays in 5th. Still just off the pace is Steve F.

We are a third of the way through the regular season already, but it's still anyone game to win. And just a little advance reminder, we go all the way through the playoffs and that's where some last minute magic can happen. So everybody sharpen those pencils and buckle down, this could be your week. You just gotta Pick Em' Good.

The sheet and spreads will be out shortly.

Larry E.

Week 4 and 5 recap

Alrighty then folks,

This week we got us a two-fer. Last week was a world wind of re-writing
the TOS for PayPal, and binge watching Season #1 of Los Espookys. Anyone
who understands that humor might get a bonus point for Week 5.lol

Our week 4 winner was Jeremy coming in with a great score of 50 points,
the second highest of the season so far, and his second time in the
ca$hi$h. He had it locked up after the Sunday games so he could just sit
back and watch the battle for second on Monday night. Going back to last
year, that's four out of eight weeks he's been in the winnings. And
taking 2nd place and winning that battle was Carson with 47 and his
first mention of the year. 3rd place went to Ruben with 46, one of our
first year players getting a piece of the action. And in 4th place, we
had a five way tie between Jim, Kevin, Rory, Sean and Todd for some beer
money. Honorable mention went to Rick.

In the overall, the top three stayed the same for another week, but
Jeremy took AdriaNa's spot in 4th and Steve F hung onto 5th.

This week we had our first repeat winner of the year with Jose C doing
it again, taking first place with 42. And like Jeremy the week before,
he had it locked up after Sunday and didn't have to worry about the
Monday night game. He's off to a great start so far thanks to his
Cowboys. This coming week might be a challenge though. Taking 2nd place
with 39 and his second week in a row getting mentioned is Todd. He's
already quintupled his total from 2021! In 3rd place with 38 is Chon,
last year's Mr. Consistent. Just a point behind him with 37 is our 2019
Champ Jozlyn. And rounding out things in 5th is John and his first time
placing this year. Honorable mention goes to Jared. CONGRATS TO ALL THE

In the overall total points race, Jake FSF stays in 1st, Rick and Kevin
trade places in 2nd and 3rd. Jim moves up into the top group in 4th, and
AdriaNa gets back up there in 5th. Dropping down one spot and just off
the pace is Steve F.

In case no one has noticed, the 1st place winner of the first five weeks
has a name that starts with "J". Feels like Deja Vu from 2019 and if it
keeps up, I'll be changing my name to Jarry for the rest of the season.

Everybody has been good about getting your picks done on time so thanks
for the good work.

And good luck to everyone this week, especially if your name starts with
an "L".

The Commish