TWFP Divisional Week results


In the Divisional Playoff Week only one person got all four games correctly, unlike last year when we had a five way tie. Taking 1st place and going 4 for 4 with 34 points was Just Jared. That's his fourth time in the paint this year and first 1st place since Week 17 of 2021. Second place was a three way tie in points between Chon, Scott and Terence. By way of their closest to the total points(194) tie breakers, the placements were: 2nd Terence with 195, and 3rd was a tie with both Chon and Scott at 192. Fifth place was a log jam of six people with 26 points, and coming out on top with his tie breaker of 189 was Larry A. Honorable mention goes to Brian F, James B, Kevin Q, Nate and Richard. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall points total Sister Joy commanded 1st place for another week and Victor remained in 2nd. Like them Rick also held on to his position in 3rd, Nephew Jared moved back into the top five in 4th and Jeremy dropped on to 5th. Just off the pace is Sister Jocelyn.

So as mentioned before, 1st and 2nd have been determined, but there's still a race for 3rd through 5th for those with 595 or better, and you know who you are. So best of luck to you all on this final day of TWFP 2023!

It will be fun for me because I dropped a C note on Deetroit back in September to win it all, so I'm pulling for them of course. But I'm hedging my bets in the pool on the 49ers because I think Aaron Rogers has some insider information about the colors in the logo, and the confetti in the potato chip commercial.wink wink

My picks for today are BAL for 9 and SF for 10.

Best of luck to everyone whether it's for the weekly payout or the overall.

Larry E