Week 16 Games

There are twelve games are on Saturday Christmas Eve, and two games are on Sunday Christmas day.

Be sure and get your picks done before you get into the eggnog.

Pick em good and second place luck to you all.

- Commish

Week 15 Recap

The week 15 winner was Super Dave T with 46 points. He got a good start taking Seattle as his 10 pointer on Thursday and rode that to the finish line. That's his first time taking 1st place in TWFP since he joined in 2014. Pop open a cherry Coke to celebrate.lol

In second was Timmy from Las Vegas with 44 points. he had a shot at 1st, but Washington didn't come through for him on Monday night. 3rd place went to Todd with 43, his second 3rd place of the year. And the consolation prize went to the husband and wife team of Christina & Todd. Honorable mention goes to Anna, *Barbara & Ben, Jim and Dale at 41. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

For the overall points total, MikeH stays in 1st, Christina & Todd at -7 move up into second. And Adrianna and Louie at -14 are tied for 3rd.

*The team name of Ben has been changed to Barbara & Ben. She's been doing the picks the last five weeks(and it shows)and deserved credit for the good scores.

I get to say it for one more week, GO SAINTS! They still have a chance.....................

Everyone be safe out there, enjoy all the football, have a blessed holiday and a very Merry Christmas.

Week 14 Results | Week 15 Picks

Playing catch up big time here!

Taking 1st place last week with 49 points was ChrisM. He lead the way for most of last season before slipping to 4th in the final placements. A few more weeks like this and he could be back in the top group again. 2nd place went to MikeM with 47 and his first time placing his year. For third we had a tie at 45 between Christina & Todd, and Gary. The second time placing for both of them. Honorable mention went to SteveS just one point off the pace at 44. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the race for the overall total we have a new leader in Raida fan MikeH propelled by four weeks of strong scoring. After leading the way for several weeks, Adrianna slips to second just four points off the lead. Larry B. held onto 3rd and Christina & Todd moved up to 4th unseating Louie.

It's a very tight group at the top and probably anyone with 400 points or more still has a shot at the top group. My goal is to score 55 for the next three weeks and the be perfect through the playoffs. It could happen, right?

Okay second place luck to you all this week,

- Commish