Week 13 Results | Week 14 Pick Sheet

Alrighty then... Thirteen weeks on the books and still lots of cash for the taking.

Our Week 13 winner is Randi with 49 points. This is her first, 1st place since she tied with MikeH, in week 13, of the 2013 season. 13 must be her lucky number. Time to go to a casino and let it all ride on #13!

Taking 2nd place was BrianC, not BrianF(inside joke) just a couple of points off the pace with 47. His season is now covered. In 3rd was Steeler Fan Big Ben with 43, his first time in the honey this year. And finally getting something, even if it's the consolation prize was SteveS with 41. Honorable mention goes to ChrisC and yours truly with 40. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!:-$

The race for the overall has tightened up for sure. Adrianna is still in the lead, but MikeH has climbed up into contention -3 points off the pace, followed by a consistent LarryB -12, and Louie -14. SteveF falls out of the top four for the first time this season, but anyone in the top 15 or even 20 is easily in striking distance of the top spot. There's still seven weeks to go and a lot can change in the playoffs.

For the rest of us, there's still $1,785 up for grabs so keep picking em good.

- Commish

Week 12 Results and Props

Better Nate than lever...................

The Commish had a rough one last week, lot's going on in the food business this time of year.

Taking 1st place was Gary with 52 points. His last time in the honey was a tie for third in week 13 of last year. And finally getting his name on the board this year was SteveG with a close 50 points. 3rd place went to newcomer SamK at 47, his second time placing this year. And Todd took the consolation with 44. Honorable mention went to Chon again. He's getting close to striking pay dirt. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall, Adrianna stayed a top the leader board, Mike H made his move up to 2nd, Christina and Todd got into the mix in 3rd and the other half dropped to 4th.

This week looks like another mix up of things so MNF will be interesting between the Colts and Jets.

Good luck to the ones in the running.


Week 10 Results | Week 11 Spreads

We have our second back to back winner of 2016!

Lou-E Lou-I is making a run at the chance to be our first 3-peat winner. He takes 1st place for the second week in a row with 39 points, and has a chance at a title no one else has yet in TWFP. I'm sure we will all be wishing him second place luck this coming week. ;-)

Taking 2nd place just one point behind at 38 was Dale. This is his first time placing in the top three and second time in the cashish. He's been close to hitting a few times, so he's gotta be feeling good this week. 8-)

In 3rd place with 36 was last years leader most of way, ChrisM. This is his second time cashing this year so maybe he's ready to make a move. :-$

Taking the consolation prize with 35 points was Jim. He's a long time member of the pool, and like so many of us, can't understand why we don't take 1st place every week with all of our experience. =-O

For the overall, Adrianna stays in the top spot for another week, followed by her cabana boy SteveF. Week 8 winner Jose moves up into 3rd, and the repeat winner Louie into 4th. Something of note, all four of the leaders come to us through the same place, Cardenas Markets. They must be using the same bookie...

Hard to believe we've reached the half way point in our season already. Ten down, ten to go.

The spreads are set so let the picking begin.