Week 18 WCP Results | Week 19 Spreads

Well it was quite a battle till the end. Looked like it was going to be a low scoring affair on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field, but thank goodness they came around and started scoring some points. Eight people were perfect this week with 34. That's the most I think I've ever seen in TWFP. Final total for all games was 166.

Taking 1st place this week with 34 points, hitting all four games, and by way of the tie breaker of 167 is yours truly "the Commish"! I finally figured it out and I will share the secret of my success with you all in three weeks.:-)

Taking 2nd place just 2 points off at 168 is Chon who finally gets in the cash. He's been close many times this year. Taking 3rd is Rudy, 5 points off with 161. And the consolation prize is a tie between Jose and Keith, both 8 points off at 158 and 174. Honorable mention goes to Don, RyanS and SteveS who also had all four games correct. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

Okay, in the race for the overall points total and crown of TWFP Champion for 2016, Christina and Todd have taken the top spot with a three point lead. Mike H drops to 2nd place, and Dale and LarryB hang on to their spots in 3rd and 4th.

The overall payout will be as follows 1st $470, 2nd $300, 3rd $175 and 4th $75. That should apply some pressure.lol

My guess is anyone in the 10-12 range still has a shot at placing in the top four. The next two weeks will be fun for sure.

Tip of the week: The over-under for today's games was 93, and they came in at 94. The O/U for next weeks games is 193.


Week 17 Results | Playoffs coming!

Taking 1st place this week is our resident website engineer and IT guy Steven with 38 points. He got a good jump hitting his 10 and 9 pointer to start the day and hung in from there. That's his first time placing this year. 2nd place is a tie between Bill and SteveF with 37. This is Bill's first time placing in TWFP, and Steve's fourth mention of the year. Tying for the consolation prize with 34 is yours truly and RyanM. Shame on me for forgetting that Pitt wasn't playing Big Ben, Brown or Bell. I blew my 10 pointer on that game.UGH! Honorable mention goes to Dave just one point back. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

For the overall, MikeH keeps his grip on 1st place for another week, Christina & Todd have closed the gap a little in 2nd, Dale moves up into the top group for the first time in 3rd, and LarryB has sole possession of 4th.

Next week begins the playoffs. We only have four games to play, and we use a tie breaker. I will elaborate more when I send out the pick sheet on Wednesday or Thursday.

Happy New Year and enjoy the official holiday tomorrow.

- Commish

Week 16 Recap

This week's winner with an impressive 50 points is Nancy from Big Bear. She got a white Christmas and a 1st place all in the same week, and her Redskins won to give her one last ray of hope in Week 17. That's her fourth time in the pay dirt, so she's having a good 2016 season. Taking second with 44 points is Joe and his first time cashing in TWFP, and with his highest score of the season. 3rd place goes to Brett and his first time placing this season also. Been a quiet year for him so maybe this is the start of a good run. Taking the consolation prize is David with 42 points. He had a shot at 50 and 1st place, but Detroit couldn't hold the lead or the Cowboys. Honorable mention goes to Joy, ChrisC and Cris who all had a shot at placing. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall total, MikeH is holding tight to 1st place. With only four weeks left, I like his chances of being crowned champ. But Christine & Todd are holding strong in 2nd place and they have a good chance too. Louie takes sole possession of 3rd, and Adrianna and LarryB are tied for 4th. Rounding out the top ten are Dale, Nancy, Joy, Gary and SteveS who are all within striking distance.

Week 17 will be the last week week we play 16 games, and all of the games are on Sunday.

This is mostly for the newbies: The following Week(18) is the Wild Card Playoff Week. We only play four games, the 10, 9, 8, and 7 pointer, and we use a tie breaker. THE TIE BREAKER WILL BE THE TOTAL POINTS OF ALL FOUR GAMES COMBINED.

Okay, the picks sheet will be out on Wednesday.