Week 3 Recap

I am in Cabo this week knee deep in margarita's, so this is getting out later than usual...

The spreads have been set on the website since Tuesday night, and I see that some have already started picking their games. That's good! Once the spreads are done on the site, you can start making your picks whether or not I've sent out the recap and pick sheet.

So, congrats to Steve F taking 1st place last week! His 44 points weren't the high score for the season, but it was more than enough to grab the top spot and take the wind out of Adrianna's sails. DOH! That's two weeks in a row for that household, so we might be watching a dynasty develop in theweeklyfootballpool.com

Coming in 2nd and displaying some chick power was Joy with a strong 40 points. You Go Girl! Taking 3rd place was BrianC and his first time cashing in TWFP. Tying for the consolation prize was Dale and Jose, both with 36.

Honorable mention goes to Keith just one point out. Congrats to the winners!

For the overall total, JakeFSF stays in the top spot for another week, followed closely just four points off the pace by SteveF. Jeff hangs on to the #3 slot for another week, and moving up to 4th and back into the mix was Keith.

It looks like we are going to cap out at 51 players this year. Jay had to drop out so the payouts will stay right where they are as said in a previous email.

The pick sheet will be sent in a follow up email.

Good luck to everyone tonight and Go Miami!

Week 2 Results | Week 3 Spreads

Taking 1st place this week with a strong showing is newcomer Adrianna, going 8-10 with 51 points and no challengers. I guess that's how you avoid a tie! Looks like someone will having bragging rights around the house for a week and maybe longer, right SteveF and RyanM? She was soooooo looking forward to it too.

Taking 2nd with another good performance was JakeFSF with 39. Look like he's serious about defending his title.

Our 2013 Champ, 2014 Bridesmaid, and 2015 Runner Up DannyG took 3rd with 38. He's off to another strong start as well.

Getting the consolation prize is first year player Robert coming in at 37.

Honorable mention goes to Jeff, Jim, and Steven (our resident webmaster)- all just one point off the pace at 36.

The spreads are set so you can start picking your games.

The pick sheet will also be sent out by email.

Good luck to everyone this week and get those picks in before game time!

Week 1 is in the books and Week 2 is underway!

Picking up right where he left off, and wasting no time establishing himself as the front runner was our defending champion, Jake "From State Farm" with and impressive 9 for 10 and 53 points to kick off the season. Should I just send him the check and trophy now?

For 2nd place we had a three way tie between Jeff, Keith and SteveF with 37 points.

Honorable mention goes to MikeH just 1 point off the pace at 36.

As it stands with 51 players, this years weekly payout will be as follows, 1st $120, 2nd $80, 3rd $40 and $15 for consolation prize. Checks will be written every four weeks.

Total points payout will be $500, $320, $150 and $50 for consolation.

Almost everybody has the hang of using this website. Any question about making picks, ask now.

Okay, the spreads are set for Week 2, so pick away and second place luck to you all.