Week 4 Results | Week 5 Spreads

TWFP is coming from Mexico this week so of course everything is mañana...

PERFECT! That's what last weeks winner was, going 10 for 10 and making most of us look like amateurs. Hats off to Cristian Estrada taking 1st place with 55 points and throwing his name into this years winners circle. Take THAT Steve G! This is his first time in the cashish in a couple of years, and I believe this is our first perfect score since week three of the 2015 season.

Not very far behind taking 2nd place with only 50 points was Bill H. Is that all you've got?LOL We had a tie for 3rd with a ho-hum score of 49 between newbie Rory and second year player SamK. And the consolation prize goes to JakeFSF with 43. Honorable mention goes to last weeks runner up Geoff.

Great scores guys and CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

Tonight's spread is New England 5½ TAMPA BAY

In the race for the overall, JakeFSF moves up to the top spot, Danny G stays in 2nd and JoseC drops down to third. By way of his PERFECT score, Cris moves into the fourth spot and Geoff slips one to fifth.

Tonight's spread is set on the website, so you can make your pick if you are playing the game.

After a couple more happy hour Pacifico's, I will be sending out the pick sheet for the rest of the games later today.


Week 3 Results | Week 4 Spreads

In spite of it all, The Weekly Football Pool goes on...

This weeks winner is Texas newcomer JoseC with 48 points. His Cowboys came through for him on MNF and got him his first, 1st place in the history of mankind.8-) So our winning scores the first three weeks were 48, 48 and 48. That's spooky.=-O

Taking 2nd with 44 was Geoff. He had a shot at it if the MNF game had gone the other way, and it looked good early on. In 3rd place was another second year player SamK who had a good start with his gutsy 10 point pick on Thursday, but came up a little short with 39. Tying for 4th with 35 was Danny Gonzo and another newcomer to the pool, but no stranger to the game, Rick. Honorable mention goes to JakeFSF & Joy, showing some chick power, tying at 32. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the race for the title, by virtue of his 1st place, JoseC jumps up into the top spot, Danny G drops one spot to 2nd, as well as JakeFSF to 3rd. Geoff with his strong week moves up into the group in 4th, and Jordan & SteveG are in a tie for 5th. Good Job guys!

It was a low scoring week with an average of only 18.5, and just the top two guys breaking 40.

I'm not pushing for more players, but I need to mention that this is the last week anyone can get in. After week four, TWFP 2017 is closed to new players. 60 is a nice round number and easy to manage. So a BIG HAND to you all for getting your picks done on time and making it a Brees to manage. Remember, I'm a food broker not a bookie, and I just want to win your money fair and square.

Okay, the pick sheet and spreads will be out sometime tomorrow.


Week 2 Results | Week 3 Picks

Alrighty then- two weeks down, 18 to go...

Let's all welcome one more player to the pool, Craig who joined over the weekend in time to pick games on Sunday. Thanks for your donation!

Announcement: Since we now have 60 people in TWFP, the most ever, the Commish has decided to spread the wealth around and pay out five spots this year instead of four. The payouts announced last week will be changed to the following: 1st $120, 2nd $85, 3rd $55, 4th $25 and the consolation prize will be $15. That means Romy will be given 4th place, and Eddie and SteveF will share the consolation prize. In the event any other players get in before the week four deadline, that money will be added to the overall pot for total points.

And with that, this weeks winner is no stranger to the top spot, taking 1st place and matching last weeks total of 48 points is "Jake from State Farm". Our 2015 Champ had a good start last year also, taking 1st in week one and 2nd in week two. The league is on notice, JakeFSF is making another run at the title. In 2nd place is our 2013 Champ Danny Gonzo just two points off the pace with 46 also with a good start to the season. We have our first tie this year for 3rd place between newbie Antonio and BrianF with 43. And the consolation prize goes to JakeT with 40. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall race for total points, Danny Gonzo jumps out to an early lead by one point, with JakeFSF in 2nd, Antonio in 3rd and a three way tie for 4th between Eddie, Jordan and Romy. Good job guys! Where's the chicks this year?

To the people at the bottom, hang in there. It's a weekly pool so you still have 18 chances to grab some weekly payout- and at this point, everyone still has a chance to be the champion. You just gotta PICK EM GOOD!

I've held off as long as I can waiting for a spread on the MINNESOTA vs Tampa Bay game. Must be the Bradford factor?

At any rate, I will post the spread once there is one established so stay tuned if you really want to play that one.

I forgot to give honorable mention to Craig and his 39 last night. Not bad for the first week in the water.

Okay, spreads are set* and ready for picking. Thursday players get your pick done by kickoff.

Second place luck to you all and Pick Em' Good!