Week 6 Results

Making a statement and taking 1st place again, scoring 51 points again, two weeks in a row going 9-10, was Ohio St. fan GEOFFFFFF! WOW! IMPRESSIVE! What did Charlie say, WINNING! I'll bet he can't wait to tell his brother. The last time we had a back to back winner was CrisE in week 16 and 17 of the 2013. Can he make it three in a row? It will be fun to watch.

Jumping up into the mix for the first time this season, taking 2nd with 42 points was ChrisM. Is he back? He led the way most of last year before falling off and hanging on for 4th overall. Also in the cashish for the first time this year in 3rd was yours truly with 38 points. The Saints finally delivered me a 10 point game. Be forewarned, I'm making my move to the top just like 2014.

And we had a three way tie for the consolation prize between Jose, LarryB, and Timmy from Las Vegas. I'll be there Thursday and Friday so I'll bring your $5.00. Congrats to all the winners!

For the overall SteveF stays in 1st and is the first one to reach 200 points. His wife Adrianna is hot on his heals moving up to 2nd. Keith drops one spot to 3rd, and Joy stays in 4th. The chick power is strong this year.

Week 5 Results | Week 6 Spreads

Well, we almost had our first perfect score of the season, if it wasn't for that stinking ½ point right Robert? The last 55 was last year in week three by Keith. For the record, Green Bay has yet to cover a spread in TWFP 2016. I've taken them all four times.

So congrats to Geoff getting his first, 1st place of 2016 with an impressive 51 points. He had two last year and a couple of other placements in his first year in the pool. And just a one point behind him with 50 was Jordan. For the record, those two are best friends and Geoff was Jordan's best man back on June 3rd. Geoff is an Ohio St. fan and Jordan is a Michigan fan. Now they have one more thing to talk smack over.lol

Taking 3rd because of that measly ½ point and the Giants meaningless TD was Robert with 46. I'm sure Geoff and Jordan were pulling for you Sunday night.lol Splitting the consolation prize this week with 41 was Randi and Louie. Honorable mention goes to ChrisC and Todd just one point off at 40. Congrats to the winners!

For the overall points total, the order stays the same for another week with SteveF in 1st, Keith 2nd, Steve's wife Adrianna in 3rd, and Joy moving up to 4th. JakeFSF drops out but is still just one spot down in 5th.

There's still plenty of football to be played and cash to be won. At this point everyone still has a chance to be the 2016 champ... you just got to pick em good!

Okay, all checks have been deposited and the first wave of winnings will go out this week. The consolation prizes will be held until you take a higher placement to go with it, or till the end of the season.

The spreads for week 6 are out, so pick 'em good!

- The Commish

Week 4 Recap | Week 5 Spreads

We had our first three way tie for 1st place last week with Doodles, Jordan and Nancy all coming in at 46 points. A lot of people had the Minnesota game and I think it would have been a five way tie if the Giants had won. Tying for the consolation prize with 43 was Joy and RyanS. Honorable mention goes to Randi, just one point off at 42. The girls are strong this year. Congrats to all the winners!

For the overall points total we have a new leader with SteveF taking the top spot, Keith moves up to 2nd, Adrianna jumps up into the limelight at 3rd and our defending champ JakeFSF drops down to 4th. It's a tight race with only eight points separating the top four.

There's lots of football to be played, it's still anybody's game at this point so pick em good this week.

Okay the spreads are are set, let the picking begin.

Still not anything for sure on the hurricane games in Miami and Carolina, so pick them at your own risk.