Week 1 Recap | Week 2 Picks

WOW what a finish to the Charger/Bronco game! ICE, ICE, BABY! The Denver coach Koo-led off the SD/LAC kicker and as is usually the case, he missed the second attempt. OUCH! And with that, week one is on the books for THE Weekly Football Pool 2017.

Keeping with his winning ways from 2016, taking 1st place with an impressive 48 points to start the season is Todd. He had it locked up on Sunday and never looked back. Taking 2nd place with 44 points is one of the newbies to TWFP, JoseC. 3rd place goes to Jordan with 41, and taking consolation prize is Romy with 38. Honorable mention goes to Eddie and SteveF just a couple of points off the pace. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

So, we had some people jump in and back in over the weekend. Let's all give a warm welcome to our newest donors to the cause Antonio, Carson, Rob and Rick, and a HEY to Romy who is also staying in for 2017. Since Rob and Rick weren't set up in time to make picks, they will be given the league average for the first week. Welcome to the water, boys!

That sets a record for the number of entries in TWFP at 59, YIKES! And it will also change the weekly payout which will now be $135, $90, $50 and $20. YEA! And the pot for the overall champion is at $1,180. EXCITING!

Everyone did a GREAT job of getting your picks done in time. Thanks!

The Week 2 pick sheet will be out sometime Wednesday.

- Commish

Preseason Is Underway!!

It's been a long summer, but football (preseason) is under way! We're gearing up the website for the season, so expect a few minor changes here and there. First and foremost, we are transitioning to HTTPS for security, so the site is at https://www.theweeklyfootballpool.com. Links and the app should redirect automatically, but be aware of this in case the site doesn't load.

Thanks to all that are playing again this year, and as always, we wish you the best (second place luck)!


Week 19 DIV Results | Week 20 Spreads

Alrighty then, once again we had eight people hit all four games and score 34 points. Final score total was 205.

Taking 1st place with the best guess tie breaker of 189 was Todd. This is his first 1st place since Week 14 of 2011 season. WHEW, talk about a relief! He's had a couple of other placements this year so it' been a good season.

Tying for 2nd place, just one point off with tie breakers of 188 were our defending champion JakeFSF, and SteveS. And taking the consolation was Jeff with his tie breaker of 176. Honorable mention goes to Bill, BrianF, Joe and Steven all with perfect scores of 34. Congrats to the winners!

For the overall points winner, Christina and Todd hang unto the top spot by one point with MikeH on their heels in 2nd. The fore mentioned SteveS moves up into the top group for the first time this year in 3rd. And Dale has sole possession of 4th.

The last week of the season is upon us and after 264 knock down, drag out games, we are down to the final two. We only play the 10 and 9 pointers and the tie breaker so sharpen your pencils.

Tip of the week again, the over/under for this week was 191 and the final points for all four games was 205. Some of you were way off on your guesses. Next week should be somewhere around 100.

The pick sheet will be out Wednesday or Thursday.