Week 1 results

And just like that Week 1 is done and on the books.

A lot of surprises in the first week, but not to our winner. She's had one win every year since she's been in the pool since 2018, two in 2021, and she won it all in 2019. And it looks like we have our first Family affair with the Torres/Thacker clan going 1-2-3.

So keeping with her winning ways and off to a great start, Jocelyn takes the first 1st place of 2023 with a good score of 43. In 2nd place is her son Jared just a point off the pace at 42 and 3rd went to Sister Joy with 40. Does anyone have the number of their bookie? Taking 4th place and off to a good start also is our 2022 Champion Steve F with 38. And in his first week of the pool, one of our rookies Efrain takes 5th with 37. Honorable mention goes to Chris M. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!

So a little catching up to do with greetings, let's all welcome back to the pool one of our recruiters Romy, and to our very own 007, James B(ond). And an official welcome to Phat and Big T(Cliff). When he told me he wanted to be "Big T", I wasn't sure about it since we all just use our names and not pseudonyms like the public leagues and such. So here's the challenge, if he finishes in the top five this year, he gets to keep Big T and will be our first and only. Is that fair?

Just a reminder, we allow people to get in the pool up until Week 4. They still have to pay the full $125 and they get the average score for the three weeks they weren't in to keep them in the running for the overall. Some of us would be happy to take that deal after week one. SO, if you have anyone else that wants IN, have them email me and say the two magic words, I'M IN!

Alrighty then, the pick sheet will be out tomorrow.

Larry E