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Alrighty everyone,

Today's the big kickoff day, the start of the best of the five seasons!

If you have an initial by your name and have any trouble logging in, try putting a space between your name and your initial. If that's not it, be sure to let me know right away so we can get you hooked up.

Today we are at 58-60 players. I'm still waiting for 100% confirmation from Gary M and Mark P if they are going to be IN with the IN crowd or not. Our old friend Romy Ablao emailed yesterday that he might have two more players that want in, so we could get to 62. That being said, let's all welcome two more new players to the water, Big T(more on that later) and another, Jared L. Thank You for your contribution!

We will have five payouts this year. The weekly winner wll get $125 duckets, and the rest of the ca$i$h dished out accordingly. The overall winner and Champion of TWFP 2023 gets $500(atrotcdoa), but more importantly, they get the 2023 Champions trophy to put on their mantle with life's other great accomplishments!

If you have anyone else that wants to jump in the pool, tell them to send ca$i$h and an email, and I'll sign them up.

If you're getting this email, but you are OUT this year, please send me a reply and just say I'm OUT. It's no biggie, just want to be sure and stop harassing you.lol.

Just a reminder, you DON'T have to make all your picks before the start of the Thursday games, but they must be done by kickoff of the Sunday game(s). Pro Tip: You can flip your pick and points around as long as the game(s) hasn't started.

Okay, the Commish is feeling as confident as LSU was before the ass whipping by FSU, so I'm hoping for a better start than my college team.

Second place luck to you all this season,

Larry E