TWFP 2023

Okay then,

We are inside of one week till the start of TWFP 2023!

I suggest everyone try to log into the website to avoid the mad rush.

Your Login is: Your name

Your Password is: Your Zip code

or mine, 92807 if I haven't set yours yet, or if I had to change it last year to fix picks.

Let's all welcome some new players to TWFP with a hardy Good Luck to Julian friend of Craig, and Matt D, Scott B and maybe Mark P. The latter three come from the SCBL fantasy baseball league. Counting Kevin Q and yours truly, that makes half of the SCBL part of TWFP. Mark hasn't said the magic word yet, but I have a good feeling about it. We thank you all in advance for your donation. : )

Just a reminder to Pay your Pal or use the Vendmo machine by the start of the season.

Still a handful of people who haven't replied or said they are IN. So if you haven't replied I'M IN, and you are going to be IN with the IN crowd, let me know. If not, take care and if you're having remorse once the season starts, you can still get in up until week 4. The cost is still $125 and you get the average points for the weeks you missed.

P.S. The spreads will be set on the site and pick sheet sent out on Tuesday.

P.S.S. I updated the Rules on the Home page.

Any questions send me an email or text.

The Commish