Week 8 Recap | Week 9 Spreads

And a nightmare it was for Dale and I. So close! Looks like the bye week made the Vikings worse. I need to watch the scouting report. I didn't know Cutler was back.

We have a double tie this week. Taking 1st place, both with 42 points is Jose and SteveF. That's Jose's first time in the honey, and I've lost track of how many times SteveF has had his name mentioned. He's on a roll that's for sure. And tying for 2nd with 40 points is the ever surprising Adrianna and Nancy. This is the second time in the honey for both of them.

And just one point off the pace, honorable mention goes to the Commish, RyanS and Steven. Congrats to the winners!

In the overall points race, SteveF wrestles 1st place back from his wife Adrianna who drops down to 2nd. And Joy and JakeFSF stay in 3rd and 4th respectably for another week.


Spreads are out, so pick 'em good!