Week 7 Results | Week 8 Spreads

Well, all those things I said about Geoff getting a perfect score weren't quite accurate. There was a mistake on the scoring and Washington and Detroit we both getting credit for the win. The winner was Detroit so all those people who had Washington on Sunday lost those points on Monday. Geoff was the one who pointed it out so he gets an atta boy! He still had a chance at 51 and a three-peat which would have been something special, but alas, that ugly game on Sunday night did him in.

The guy who still doesn't care is Ruuudy, Ruuudy, Ruuudy! He took 1st place with an impressive 50 points(which is always impressive) and had it locked up on Sunday with 48. So the two extra points were icing on the cake and who knows, in the end might be the difference for a placement. That's his first time in the cashish since the conference week of 2013. Talk about ending a drought!:-$

Taking 2nd place with a strong 48 points was first year player in TWFP, Sam K! He got in late but he's been climbing up the ladder each week and is showing up his buddy the resident IT guy, and some of us vets too.lol To quote Sam, and this is second hand info, "This football pool is @#$%^&* awesome!" 8-)

Coming in 3rd with 45 points and placing for the first time this year was Dave T. He gets bragging rights this week over his son Jake T, and his buddy the defending champion JakeFSF. They both tied with 42 and split the consolation prize.:-P

Honorable mention goes to Geoff, Romy and RyanS all with 41. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!!!!!

For the overall, we have a new leader in Adrianna going into week 8. She trades places with her husband SteveF who drops to 2nd. Joy moves up one spot to 3rd and JakeFSF gets back into the conversation in 4th.

Okay the pick sheet is attached and the spreads are in. As always, there's still many games to be played so Pick Em' Good!