Wild Card Week results

This week turned out to be a wild one for sure, and Buffalo was the reason again. Last year it was when Damar Hamlin dropped on the field against Cleveland for no reason.(rolls eyes) And this year it was because of global warming blizzard in upstate New York.(eyes rolling further) I thought we might have to organize a rescue party and go shovel snow. But the good people of Buffalo saved us a trip and they got the stadium ready for the game. Thank You Very Muuuuuch.......

That's what Scott is saying after taking 1st place two weeks in a row! And that's his third one of the season too. He bested the field going 5-6, scoring 40 points and made his mark on TWFP. He made a comment when he was signing up for the pool this year. I'll keep it under wraps for now because I don't want to jinx him, but it was sort of a prediction. Taking 2nd place, also going 5-6 and just a couple points behind was last years WCP winner Rick with 38. Just a point behind him we had a tie score of 37 between Bill and Roger. By way of his closest to the total(308) tie breaker of 287, Roger takes 3rd place. Bill's T/B was 270 so he gets 4th place. And 5th goes to Jake "From State Farm" just a couple of points behind them with 35. Honorable mention goes to Kevin Q, Kevin T and Brother Leo, who might have gotten 2nd place, but he didn't pick a team in the Deetriot game. AND the Commissioner is giving a $10 boobie prize this year to Jay J, the only one who was brave enough to go higher than 300 points with his tiebreaker. CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!

Okay, now that everybody remembers and understands how the tie breaker works, it will come even more into play the next two weeks.

We have four games on tap this coming weekend, two Saturday and two Sunday, weather permitting. I'll be setting the spreads and sending out the pick sheet on Thursday night to give everyone a day to work on their tie breaker. We ONLY use 10, 9, 8, and 7 this week. Please send me your tie breaker as soon as you can so I can have them ready to go by kickoff of the first Saturday game. Oh yea, remember to make your picks also.

Any questions, email, text or send a carrier pigeon.

Happy Mardi Gras,

Larry E.