Week 17 and 18 results

Alrighty then,

Our Week 17 winner was Honest Todd with 48 points. That's his first 1st of the season and second time in the paint. Taking 2nd with 45 was one of the Mike's, H landing in the ca$hi$sh for the first time. 3rd went to Rory with 44, just a point behind. Richard took 4th with 42, getting his third mention of 2023 and 5th was a tie between Jay J and Timmy from Las Vegas. Honorable mention went to Jose and Theresa.

This week rookie Scotty B got his second 1st place of the year with 52 points, going 9 for 10 and darn near had our only perfect score of 2023. Taking 2nd with 49 was Jay J landing is the dough two weeks in a row. 3rd place was a three way tie between Efrain, James Bond and Jose C all with 46. Honorable mention went to AdriaNNa with two N's and Honest Todd.


In the overall race for space, 1st place and a nifty TWFP trophy for the mantle, Sister Joy continues the torrid pace remaining in 1st place for a whole lot of weeks! Not letting up in second is Victor who has also been in 2nd for a whole lot of weeks. And Nephew Jared hangs onto 3rd place for a whole lot of weeks. Jeremy has moved up into the top group and Rick dropped a spot to 5th. Just off the pace is Sister/Mother Jozlyn and Terence V.

HERE COME THE PLAYOFFS..........................................

Just a reminder we play 21 Weeks through the playoffs so there's still three weeks left to TWFP. Of course there's less games so you will only be picking from 10 points on down. AND we use a Tie Breaker WHICH IS THE TOTAL POINTS OF ALL THE WEEKS GAMES COMBINED.

There are two games on Saturday, three on Sunday and a Monday night game. I will set the spreads and send out the pick sheet on Friday morning so we get the most accurate lines.

congrats to michigan

The Commish