Week 6 and 7 results

Better Nate than lever..................I'm still feeling the effects of a 7 days in New Orleans.

In Week 6 we had our first three-way tie of the season between Craig, and brothers Richard and Roger all with 44. It was a see saw battle on MNF, and it looked like Craig would have it all to himself. But the Chargers defense couldn't hold off Dallas and we ended up with the tie. And for 4th place just a point off from the winners, we had another tie between Efrain and Sister Joy with 43. Honorable mention went to Jared M who has been close to placing a few times.

In the over all points race, Joy took over the top spot by way of some good scores in 4 out of the 5 previous weeks. Jared M moved up to second. John dropped two spots out of the lead into third. Jared dropped one into fourth and Brian F went to fifth. Just off the pace was Julian.

Week 7 gave us another tie for 1st between Frank and Victor, both with 49, courtesy of the Commish making their picks for them. As per the "no player left behind" rule, they both get to keep their points, but no ca$hi$h will be transacted. 2nd place went to Jeremy with 39, 3rd to Steve F with 38, and putting a cherry on top of the week in N.O., Brother Leo took 4th with 36. 5th place went to Jake FSF with 33. Honorable mention went to Chon and Chris M.

In the overall race to be the champ of 2023, Joy stayed in the top spot for another week, but we had some changing of the guard in the other places with Victor moving into the top group in 2nd, Rick joining the pack in third. Jared M dropped two spots to fourth, and AdriaNa with one N took over fifth. Just off the pace after a six week run in the pack was Jared.

To be continued..................................