Week 4 results

Alrighty then,

The Commish had a busy busy week. Sorry this is getting out way late, but props are due so here goes.

Our Week 4 winner finally hit pay dirt in his second year in the pool. He had a pretty good rookie season, cashing in three weeks last year, but now he can say he's made it! Taking 1st place and outlasting everybody was Ruben with 44 points. There were a lot of lead changes as I recall, and we almost had our first 50 sum tie, but it was his alone in the end. In 2nd place we did have a tie between Jared and Big John, both with 42. Rick took 3rd just one point behind them, and 5th was a tie between Craig and Kris one point out as well. Honorable mention went to Jim K and Scott B. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall points race, Rick moves up three places to take over 1st. Brain F remains in 2nd. And 3rd place is a three way tie with Jared moving up two spots from fifth, Jared M moving into the top group and Sister Joy dropping two out of the top slot. Just off the pace is Big T.

Okay, we had no one else get in at the last minute, so the pool is closed. All PayPal and Venmo payouts have been made through Week 4(I think?) All checks will be deposited today and check winners mailed out.

Good luck to everyone this week.

Larry E