Week 12 and 13 recaps

Okay then,

Getting this out before we start another week of fun...............

Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving and fun football weekend. Now onto the bowling season and Christmas.

Turned out Rory was able to parlay his perfect Thursday into a Big W for the Week. No stranger to winning as he won weeks 16 and 17 last year, and had a good rake overall in 2021. He had 1st place wrapped up either way before the Monday game was even played. It was either going to be a really good score or a great score for the victory. He had to settle for the latter but with no less bravado. Getting his first mention of the year and without help from the Saints was my brother Leo with 43 points. They've been his 10 pointer all year which was not working, so moving them to his 1 pointer worked out a little better. 3rd place was a 42 point log jam tie by Jim K, Nancy, Pam and Yours Truly. Honorable mention went to Craig and David R. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

In the overall points race, Rick reclaimed the top spot by a one point margin, and Anna dropped one slot to 2nd. Jim K moved up two spots to 3rd, Pam joined the top group in 4th, and Jake FSF slipped a couple into 5th. Just off the pace was Craig and David R.

This weeks winner used the momentum of his good start in week 12, and turned it into a "Victory" in week 13. Taking 1st place for the first time in the history of TWFP, Victor finally gets that monkey off his back with his best score yet of 49. Another week where the winner had it wrapped up on Sunday and didn't have to bite their nails on Monday night. He was flirting with the chance to have our first perfect score of the year, but some late games antics by the Niners, Rams and Bengals didn't let it happen. Taking 2nd place with 44 points and getting his first mention of the year was USC fan Eddie C. His Trojans won't make it to the college playoff this year, but we can have some fun when they meet my other favorite college team Tulane in the Cotton Bowl. Roll Green Wave! In 3rd place when have a tie between Cris and Larry A both with 42. 5th place is a three way tie for beer money by three of the "J's", Jim K, and mother and son Jozlyn and Jared all with 40. Honorable mention goes to their neighbor Eric with 38. CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

And in the overall race to be TWFP Champ of 2022, Rick remains in 1st place by two points over Jim K who moved up one spot to claim 2nd. Anna slips one to 3rd. Kevin T moves back into the top group in 4th and Jake FSF holds pat in 5th. Just off the pace is John and Pam.

Just a little heads up, in Week 15 there will be three Saturday games, and in Week 16 most of the games will be on Saturday, with three games scheduled for Christmas Day. Be sure to plan your gift shopping accordingly.lol

Okay, Still lots of games to play and ca$hi$h to be won. All you gotta do is Pick Em' Gooder.

Second place luck to you all this week,

Larry E.